Sowell to become a Buc

Much was made of the departure of fullback Jameel Cook a month ago to the Texans. The cries of "what will we do now?" could be heard all across Tampa Bay, from Tarpon Springs to Sarasota. Undoubtedly many a Bucs fan woke up at night in a cold sweat from nightmares of a season without Jameel Cook.

Well those Bucs fans can rest easier now with the signing of Jerald Sowell. What's that you say? The Bucs already had TWO FULLBACKS on their roster, Mike Alstott and Rick Razzano. Rubbish, a team can never have too many fullbacks.

Just bring back the Wing "T"!


Scott said...

What's with you and the Jameel Cook defection? This isn't the first time you've brought it up with attitude. Not for nothing... just wondering.

Ski said...

just having fun with it, mountains out of molehills and all that

how was the vacation?

Scott said...

Vacation was good. Just got back from Vegas, which was good as well. Maybe now I can get back to wasting my time following the Bucs more closely than is healthy.