NFL Draft Preview: Take Five

Well this is it, our fifth and final draft preview. Quick note before we begin, I will miss most of ESPN's coverage of the draft tomorrow since I'm heading out to the O's game. Although there is a chance I will blog from Camden Yards, since I'm bringing the Blackberry with me to check out the draft. (Of course, this all depends on how many frosty beverages I consume. So don't bank on it.)

The following is a list of guys, in order, I would like the Bucs to pick in each round. I'm assuming the Bucs have a reasonable shot at drafting these players.

Round 1:
Manny Lawson, DE
Winston Justice, OT
Jonathan Joseph, CB
Jimmy Williams, CB
Nick Mangold, C

Round 2:
Cedric Griffin, CB
Daryn Colledge, OT
Taitusi Lutui, G
Max-Jean Gilles, G
Maurice Stovall, WR

I would try and predict whom the Bucs will draft but Gruden and company's lips have been sealed for the last month. Then again, there's something satisfying about the fact that Dr. Z has the same access to One Buc Place that I do.

This would be an ideal draft for the Bucs to pick up a playmaker on the defensive side of the ball, somebody who will play for the franchise another twelve years. The bottom half of the draft will be stocked with defensive talent which in any other year would have gone higher. The cornerback class is especially deep and Griffin would be a perfect fit for Kiffin's defense. Truth be told he's the one guy, more than anybody else (even Lawson) I hope the Bucs will draft.

Either way, tomorrow's draft should be one of the more interesting drafts in recent history. I fully expect a number of trades to be made in the first round. Already the Texans have passed on Reggie Bush to sign Mario Williams to a contract. Should be an entertaining Saturday.

And speaking of Reggie Bush I leave you with a YouTube clip of the his college highlights, enjoy.

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