Go Gators!

There's something poetic about the Gators beating George Mason, and then going on to win the national championship. This tournament will always be remembered for Mason's Final Four run, and the Gators had to end the Patriot's run before they could win the championship. Then, just for icing on the cake, the Gators beat one of the most storied basketball programs ever.

Congrats Gators. When Tony Kornheiser picked you to lose in the first round, I still had faith in you (although I had no idea you had a championship run in you).

What's next?

If Florida can keep all four of their talented sophomores (a big if) they have to be the best team in the country next season. As good as he was tonight, Joakim Noah is still improving as a player. Al Horford is the key, the Gators need him to stick around for another title run.

Urban Meyer better go ahead and win that national championship pretty soon.


Douglas Scott S. said...

Ohio St and UNC will have the best teams next year... no brainer

Ski said...

florida was unranked before last season started. everyone thought duke, texas and uconn where the best teams... no brainer

Senor Caiman said...

The UNC people are nothing but a bunch of thugs who jump over duraflame logs and vandalize their hood.