Vick further jams foot in mouth

"There's no reason I should be passing for only 2,300 yards for the season. My passing attempts per game [2/4.2] are not even that high. I hope it's not that they don't believe in me, because I believe in me."

This is really something a Falcons blogger should be covering but since most of them have given up on their team, I'm going to throw in my two cents. (By the way, if your Falcons blog is called Vick for MVP and Vick is traded do you still root for the Falcons or for the team Vick was traded to? Or do you give up on your blog like the Fridge at a hot dog eating contest?)

Pointing out that Vick is not happy is stating the obvious at this point, but could Vick be trying to get his coaches fired or, could Vick even be traded to another team? The Falcons have approached Vick in an effort to reduce his contract figure. If Vick's contract was lowered he would certainly be more attractive trade bait for GM Rich McKay. And if Vick was traded the Falcons could clear up cap space for a big name receiver (Terrell Owens) and promote Matt Schaub to starter.

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