Bucs might release Rice. Or Not. (Maybe)

Shame on you St. Pete Times, just days after I congratulate you for your journalistic integrity you run a non-story about Simeon Rice. Agent mouth-piece and Times writer Stephen Holder runs some juicy quotes from Rice's agent, Tom Condon, which seem to indicate that Rice will remain a Buc. Except Holder fails to get a quote from Bruce Allen if the Bucs want to keep Rice at his current salary.

So maybe Rice won't be sticking around (get it? sticky rice?)

To recap, Bruce Allen announced in January that he would either renegotiate or cut the fifteen highest contracts on the Buc's roster starting at the top with Derrick Brooks. Brooks, always the team leader, said he would renegotiate if it would guarantee he could retire as a Buc. Next up was Rice, but now Rice's agent is saying Bruce Allen hasn't contacted him (yet) and we are supposed to infer that means Rice won't be let go at some point? Something stinks here and it ain't the moldy cheddar in the back of the fridge.


Scott said...

Without a CBA extension, the Bucs are $19M over the cap. Even by axing Griese, Pittman, Walker, Gooch and a couple others who are on the block, they would still need to release a big name. The whole Tampa Bay area would come down on Bruce Allen like a plague of locusts if he cut Brooks and kept Rice. I don't see Rice staying in Tampa in 2006.

Ski said...

that's kinda what I'm thinking, even WITH the CBA extension the Bucs would be over the cap by about $15 M. One possibilty is that they could cut Booger instead of Rice, which could be likely since Booger is a walking medical injury waiting to happen, but Booger's still younger than Rice.

This story just seems like a masterful bit of P.R. spun by Rice's agent Condon (as you know one of the best in the business) without any fact checking by the Times. Now if Allen says he is going to cut Rice, Allen looks like an IHOP restaurant (full of waffles).