Pittman to remain a Buc

Michael Pittman has the option to buyout his contract for $200,000 if he wanted to leave Tampa Bay to sign with another team. With Cadillac Williams' firm grip on the starter's spot and Mike Alstott's desire to play one more season with the Bucs, there was the possibility Pittman would buy out his contract for the opportunity to play somewhere else. Not anymore.

PewterReport reports that Pittman will not buyout his contract with the Bucs and chooses to retire as a Buc.

My agent put that option in my contract for certain reasons, but I want to stay in Tampa and finish my career out with the Bucs,” said Pittman. “One of the biggest reasons I came to Tampa Bay was because of Coach Gruden and having the opportunity to play in his offense. There really isn’t a reason for me to leave. I have a home here. I wish I got in the games more, but the times I do get in I feel I play well. Most likely I’m going to stay. This is where I really want to be. Hopefully I can retire a Buc.”

Since Cadillac was brought in Pittman has been the good soldier, never complaining about his loss of playing time. Gruden gave Pittman a shot when few teams were willing to, and Pittman was rewarded with over a hundred yards in the Super Bowl. Not many runningbacks have done that, so it's good to see that Pittman has decided to stick around Tampa for another couple of years.

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