Congrats Cadillac

Today, Cadillac Williams won the official Rookie of the Year award. Cadillac had already won the AP's offensive rookie of the year award, but this time around he faced a stiffer field of canidates including Seahawks Mike (or middle) linebacker Lofa Tatupa.

Interesting enough, Cadillac earned more money for winning the AP's award ($150 K) than he did for the NFL award ($100 K). From the tone of the article it sounds like these bonuses are based on clauses in Cadillac' contract with the Bucs, which would imply Cadillac and/or his agent either: a.) thought more highly of the AP's award or, b.) thought the AP award would be easier to win.

Either way, congrats to Cadillac for the award. Take your offensive line out some place nice for dinner.

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