All signs point to one last stop by A-Train

On top of the news that Mike Alstott was willing to return for another season, comes a report from the Tribune's Buc beat man Roy Cummings that One Buc Place has reciprocated the offer. The wire report mentions that Alstott's return was linked to the disappointing performance of rookie fullback Rick Razzano, but forgets that Bucs have another fullback in front of Razzano, Jameel Cook.

Alstott's value to the Bucs came (unsurprisingly) in goal line situations and (surprisingly) in the passing game. As fantasy players know all to well, Alstott took away a good number of goal line carries from Cadillac Williams. Additionally, Alstott was Simm's safety valve on third down and long this season. More than once I saw Alstott catch the ball seven yards short of the sticks on third down, and then fight (successfully) for the first.


bond,fan bond said...

It will be nice if he comes back for your guys. I read this article about a week ago on Cutthroats site, and then this past Thursday he did an update to it. He really likes Alstott, he even met him a few times.

Alstott seems like nice Chap.

Ski said...

Tom (aka cutthroat, aka bond fan, aka NFL chick),

it's fairly obvious that you are using an alias to make the above comment. you share the exact same ip address (65.32.179) and site location (Lakeland, FL) as bond fan.

I'm not going to make any kind of effort to prevent you from using an alias but I am asking you to at least be honest and up front when leaving comments. Especially when you are pimping your own site.

Douglas Scott S. said...

my life doesnt revolve around the falcons. i thought itd be fun to write about them this year and i got tired of it. i have other things goin on i'm not gonna write about everything vick or mora says b/c i could honestly care less.

if you're interested in every little thing that goes on with the bucs then good for you.

i hope you had fun being the first team eliminated from the 1st round. if i didnt hate the bucs so much i probably never wouldve noticed that they were in the playoffs...