Game Time

The picks are in as game time approaches. The Steelers are heavily favored by the media and Vegas is favoring Pittsburgh by four. But I say Seattle has been overlooked (East Coast bias) and Holmgren knows what it takes to win a Super Bowl. Who you got?

Dr. Z's pick: Steelers
Bill Simmon's pick: Steelers
Peter King's pick: Steelers
Don Banks' pick: Steelers
Len Pasquarelli's pick: Steelers
Mel Kiper Jr.'s pick: Steelers
Scott's pick: Steelers

My Pick: Seahawks


Douglas Scott S. said...

holy shit, do you ever make a correct pick??!

Scott said...

I'm not going to gloat since the Seahawks got screwed on more than one occasion last night. Ben was down before the ball crossed the endzone, that small push-off shouldn't have been PA and there was no holding on the recalled TD. It almost seemed like the refs wanted the Steelers to win.

All that said, I'm a petty, petty man and won't keep you any longer from the work you have to do.

gnorb said...

The 'Hawks were robbed, plain and simple. As I watched the game I kept thinking that either someone paid off the refs, or these refs really DID need glasses, and to stay off the sauce for at least a few days.

Ski said...

scott, i owe you post and i'll get that to you ASAP. although don't expect a very gloating post since I also am a "petty, petty man".

I hate to say seattle was robbed simply because great teams win despite bad calls (much as Pittsburgh did against Indy a few weeks ago) but the score should have been much closer. I believe Seattle was one of the least penalized teams in the league, but they had 7 penalties for 70 yards last nite.

and doug, the answer (as david spade says) is always no