Play with Fire . . .

. . . and well, you know the rest.

In news that should come as little surprise, Ricky Williams has failed his fourth drug test, which means Ricky is facing a one year suspension. While Ricky has shot himself in the foot yet again, the biggest loser here is the Dolphins organization. Coach Saban took a risk when he accepted Ricky back into the fold with the long term plan of trading the former leading rusher of the NFL. But now no team will be willing to trade a cartoon rabbit, much less a decent player for this burnout.

While it is not known what drug Ricky tested positive for, Ricky has failed the last three drug tests because of marijuana. Of course, Ricky's mom, Sandy Williams, has a different theory, that it was one of the supplements for Ricky's yoga school. Sandy Williams claims her son has stopped smoking marijuana.

There is a silver lining to this suspension though. I have been a strong proponent of a Ricky reality show, possibly teaming him up with a more outspoken personality, like say Terrell Owens. Now we are just one more Drew Rosenhaus breakdown away from making this a reality.

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