Tampa Bay 17, Arizona 10

This game was much closer than it should have been. The Bucs dominated the first three and a half quarters but failed the scoreboard again failed to reflect the statistical advantage the Bucs had over their opponent. I have harped on this before but the Bucs offense lacks playmakers (with the obvious exception of Galloway) who can get into the end zone on a consistent basis.

+ Galloway AGAIN disproving the notion that old people can not contribute to society
+ Tanard Jackson has turned out to be the steal of the draft, coming up w/ an INT
+ Earnest Graham didn't do anything all that special but he was consistent
+ Bucs secondary limiting one of the best passing attacks
+ Maurice Stovall on punt returns

- Jeff Garcia running the ball, would it kill him to throw it away and avoid injury?
- going against an immobile qb in Kurt Warner the Bucs failed to ring up a single sack
- not to pile on but come one Alex Smith, that was an easy touchdown catch
- followed by a miss on an easy field goal by Matt Bryant
- Trueblood flipping his shit again and trying to start fights

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