Bucs Bits

There has been a good deal of hub bub about the Pats run at the '72 Dolphins perfect record but there is another perfect record which could go unchallenged. The Bucs perfect losing season of '76. Since the AFL merged with the NFL in 1970 the very first Bucs team is the only team to lose every single game it played. (The '82 Baltimore Colts went 0-8-1 in a strike shortened season but technically that doesn't count.) This years 'Phins team is making a serious run at that Bucs record.

Only two teams are winless so far, the Phins and the Rams. Considering their best players have returned from injury (Bulger and Stephen Jackson) and they still get to play the Cards, Falcons and 49ers St Louis is bound to win a game eventually. Miami, on the other hand, has lost their best player for the season (Ronnie Brown), their quarterback could be done with his career (Trent Green), and traded away their best receiver (Chris Chambers). Miami's best chances are at home against the Jets and Bengals, and I'm willing to bet Miami will be an underdog in both.

Steve Spurrier and the '76 Bucs better watch their backs this season.

On a slightly different note, Sports Illustrated released their list of best NFL stadium experiences with the Ray Jay coming in at #17. Typically I stay away from lists since they are purely arbitrary but this list attempts to quantify the stadium experience. One of the better points raised by the break down of Tampa Bay is in the Accessability part, which addresses the horrific road situation after games. 'Cause of whatever misguided reasoning the police shut down certain rods which would clearly alleviate traffic. I experienced this two weeks ago at the Jags game when my family tried to get to 275 only to be forced to go in the opposite direction of where we wanted to go and then cut through a neighborhood. How is having a massive amount of traffic cut through neighborhoods better than keeping traffic on the main roads?