NFC South Recap

TAMPA BAY: 5-4 (DIV) 2-0
CAROLINA: 4-5 (DIV) 2-2
NAWLEANS: 4-5 (DIV) 1-2
ATLANTA: 3-6 (DIV) 1-2

Good news for the Bucs, they moved up in the division on a bye week. Although that isn't the first time that has happened in the NFC South. The Panthers moved to the top of the division after their bye in week 7.


During my criticism of the Saints I forgot to include one very important point- the Saints defense can't stop a passing team. I touched on this before the season but New Orleans secondary is the best reason not to pick this team to repeat as division champs. All of the talent is on the d-line, which works well when you are trying to stop the run but in passing situations offenses can go to max protect to negate the Saints rushers.

The Panthers are this year's version of the '06 Bucs, a team with a ton of talent a quarterback unit which resembles a triage unit. With their starting quarterback (Jake Delhomme) out for the season and David Carr also injured the 44 year old Vinny Testeverde got the start. I hereby nominate the Panthers for biggest turnaround next year seeing as how they get Delhomme back and then add some talent on the defense through the draft, a la what the Bucs are doing this season.

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