Bucs 31, Falcons 7

Now that was the kind of dominating performance I was hoping we would see from the team. Sure it was against a team which has given up and for some odd reason started Byron Leftwich at quarterback. (For all the hype about Petrino being a great offensive mind he has made some highly questionable moves on the offense. Starting Leftwich over a luke warm hand in Joey Harrington. Giving Warrick Dunn more carries than Jerious Norwood. Either Petrino is angling for a high draft pick or he just doesn't care anymore.)

Anyway, to be honest my attention shifted from this game during the first half and I changed the channel at halftime. Quite simply, this was a game the Bucs should have won and they did so.

+ Galloway, who has become a frequent occupier of this space
+ Bucs D, which except for a garbage TD would have shut out the Falcons offense
+ Ronde Barber, w/ his 11th career TD
+ Earnest Graham w/ 100 plus yards rushing and a TD
+ Chris Hovan w/ a sack and the rare d-line INT
+ Alex Smith providing some much needed plays in the receiving game

- I'm sure if I looked for something wrong I could find it but in a blowout win on the road there is little to complain about


T.K. said...

When your biggest complaints are to chew out Kelly for the boneheaded lateral to June on the fumble recovery (resulting in June fumbling the ball back to Atlanta and giving them a fresh set of downs) and Gruden burning both his challenges in the first twenty minutes, you know it's been a good day.

Incidentally, that play highlighted a big issue with the challenge system for me. Why do you think it's set up so that the coach has to challenge a specific detail about the play rather than just the whole play? Gruden tried challenging that Kelly was down by contact (that challenge was denied, rightfully), but it was so obvious that June was tripped, so he should have been down by contact, Bucs ball. If the NFL allowed coaches to question the play as a whole, the refs would have gotten the call right instead of wrongly giving Atlanta another chance to do something on offense (which, thankfully, the D snuffed out).

Excited for next week. The traitor McCardell is finally coming back to the Ship and I can't wait for him to be taken behind the proverbial woodshed and given the senseless beating he so deserves. We also owe Washington as a whole a bit of retribution for stealing the playoff win from us two years ago.

Ski said...

First off, I despise Washington with a passion. I currently live in Skins territory and for me this is the most important game all year. As much as I should enjoy a team which features Clinton Portis and a Tampa Two defense the Skins fan base is so annoying that they guarantee I will always root against the Foreskins.

Second, the NFL replay system is something a Chinese bureaucrat would dream up. I agree with ya that the system is broken seeing as how the officials in the Browns-Ravens game had to BREAK the rules to get to the correct outcome. I fail to understand why the NFL does not just move to the college system where EVERY play is reviewed and the replay booth can stop play if it needs more time.

You've got me thinking about it, so I think I'm gonna forward your question (somewhat edited) to Dr. Z to see if he can get a good response.

T.K. said...

Dr. Z... I don't think much of that guy this week. Nitwit's proclaiming our boys ripe for an upset without even looking at the intangibles. He's probably forgotten completely about the Grand Theft Playoff Win Washington pulled on us two years ago, as well as the traitor.

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