NFC South Recap

TAMPA BAY: 5-4 (DIV) 2-0
CAROLINA: 4-4 (DIV) 2-1
NAWLEANS: 4-4 (DIV) 1-2
ATLANTA: 2-6 (DIV) 1-1

First off, the Bucs Midseason Recap is up at the Sticks. Many thanks to Scott from BucStats and John from BoltsMag for making that happen.

It's official, the Saints are back. I was bullish on the "Saints are back" story considering they had won against mostly bad teams with the exception of a primetime win at Seattle. But as the Bucs learned last week the Jags are a tough team with a very good defense. I caught most of this game and the Saints had little trouble moving the ball against the Jags. On the bright side for Tampa Bay the Jags defense is focused more on stopping the run while the Bucs Tampa Two defense is better designed to stop a passing team like the Saints.

This game was in no way shape or form as close as the score indicates. I fail to understand how David Carr, who has experience throwing to an elite receiver in Andre Johnson, can not get the ball to Steve Smith.

Neither one of these teams won in October. If they had not played each other they very likely would have gone all of November without a win between them.

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