Exhibition Game 1: Recap

Last night's game is a prime example of how misleading both final stats and final scores can be in exhibition games. Despite winning the game and outrushing the Pats 169 to 89 it's clear that the Pats starting offense is better than the Bucs starting offense. Jeff Garcia and the rest of the offense looked out of synch, and the line was clearly not up to pass blocking. Granted it was only the first game of the exhibition season and the Bucs were missing several starters on offense.

Interesting enough Michael Pittman pulled double duties last night as both Mike Alstott's replacement at fullback and the third down back. Pittman has excelled as the third down back, in fact he is one of the best receivers on the team. I don't know how good of a blocker he can be on a consistent basis though, so it remains to be seen if he could potentially be the full time fullback.

Speaking of backs, Earnest Graham has a new competitor for the title of Mr. August. Kenneth Darby looked damn good, and even broke off a run of 21 yards to go with 84 total yards in rushing. Both Graham and Darby will have a tough time making the roster, so the competition between the two should get interesting.

Gaines Adams looked good in limited play, although he still has some work to do in playing against the run. He was a bit overeager to rush the passer, and took himself out of the play a few times. He did look good against the pass, and even gave the Pats starting left tackle fits.

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