Comparing Apples to Oranges

The Sticks of Fire (#1 blog in da TB hood G) is running a poll asking which team will be better this year, the Bucs or the USF Bulls. The results are not encouraging for our beloved Bucs, who are getting smoked. Ignoring that there is no reliable statistical measurement to compare the two teams (winning percentage does about the best job but is still shaky) I will instead use this space to praise The Juggernaut To Be That Is The USF Bulls.

The Bulls are poised to pull a Rutgers type run this year in the Big East. Jim Leavitt has done an absolutely amazing job building this team from literally nothing, as the Bulls football program did not even exist 12 years ago. The depth and quality of high school recruits coming out of the Sunshine State is outstanding, Florida is not only able to sustain three top tier football programs but has lifted both the USF and (oddly enough) Rutgers programs. If the Bulls can get past their early season game at Auburn, they will have a chance to run the table with WVU and Louisville coming to Tampa.

On a somewhat parallel note, I will be writing a good deal for the Stick this season. You will be able to find Bucs game previews in addition to posts on other goings ons, such as the Wide Web of (Tampa Bay) Sports.

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