The David Boston Video

So I just finished watching the video of Davis Boston's sobriety tests and there is a whole lot to digest. It seems pretty damn likely to me that Boston is inebriated some how, most likely on pain killers or grass, (as the kids call it). After all he was found asleep at the wheel of his car at an intersection with the motor running. Sure that happens all the time in Florida, but the drivers are typically about 60 years older than Boston and have hearing aids and pacemakers.

As was pointed out in the Swamp, the cop who administered the sobriety test was a bit of a dick. Despite constantly referring to Boston as a professional athlete and asking him about training camp at the end the cop says he wants to protect Boston's privacy. This after a series of smart ass questions formt he cop about if Boston went to college, as though it takes a college education to repeat the alphabet.

For the record Boston passed all the sobriety tests including the breathalyzer at the station. At no point did he test positive for alcohol, although I am assuming the cops drew blood and will test that for other substances.

It's amazing how quickly this video made it onto the internet. The arrest happend at about 8 pm Thursday and by Saturday morning it was on the internet. SportsCenter/OTL had a special this morning on how social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook have gotten college athletes in trouble for the kind of shenanigans we know go on (hazing, under age drinking) but when they come to the light of day the administration is forced to punish. It's kinda scary we are getting to the point as a society where everything we do is recorded and played back on the internet, and it is just magnified for someone already living in a fish bowl like Boston.


Anonymous said...

The kids haven't called it 'grass' since 1966

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