But Did They Test Rice for Proprioception?

The Times is reporting Simeon Rice has been cleared to play by an orthopedist in Pensacola, which of course raises questions about what series of tests the Bucs put Rice through at the beginning of traing camp.

"It was all 100 percent," Rice said. "Dr. Andrews said, 'What kind of physical did you take down there?' I told him they just checked for my mobility in the shoulder and said I failed. He said, 'They didn't even test you for any kind of structure in the shoulder?'"

This is more stating what is widely believed, that Rice was released for salary cap and personal reason. Rice was scheduled to make $7.5 million this season, but Bruce Allen attempted to renegotiate Rice's contract to $5 million for the third straight offseason.


Scott said...

1) The Times never quotes the actual doctor. It's Rice saying what the doctor said.

2) Rice pays this doctor. His opinion is hardly unbiased.

3) Rice admitted to Ian Beckles last week on the air that he wasn't ready to go yet.

4) After the proprioception thing, I think the Times is looking for any angle to discredit the Bucs.

5) The Bucs didn't need cap space. If this had anything to do with money, it's that the Glazers wanted to save $7.5 million in cash. Those United notes aren't cheap.

6) Simeon was partially hurt and was a malcontent. You don't need that in the locker room with a first-round defensive end to teach. Better to learn the ropes from Spires and Carter.

7) That said, he was still the best defensive end on the roster. I would have kept him.

8) Numbering things is fun!

Ski said...

a) agreed, rice would obviously be a bit biased here although i would assume the doctor would place his medical reputation above whatever one time fee rice would pay him

b) im still trying to get a hold of what the hell is going on between the times and the bucs. this proprioception thing came completely out of left field, and the times appears to be misrepresenting facts and just out right lying (i.e. stating simms did not throw balls monday when he did)

c) rice may be injured but there are plenty of guys who get injured early in the preseason and are ready to go opening day. we need more facts on rice's medical condition

d) i get the feeling it's not so much the extra cap space but that rice refused three seperate off seasons to renegotiate when other bucs did so.

e) agreed, rice is a malcontent which is the primary reason he was cut

f) lettering is funner!