Training Camp: Weekend in Review

Nornally I would wrap up the weekend's training camp but BucStats and Buc'Em have already done so and I see no reason to reinvent the wheel. Instead I will focus on what I see as the most important story of the weekend, Chris Simms. First, a quick vocab lesson....

proprioception (PRO-pree-o-SEP-shu): from Latin proprius, meaning "one's own" and perception is the sense of the relative position of neighbouring parts of the body.

Where am I going with this? As usual nowhere and everywhere. The St Pete Times is reporting that our boy Chrissy Simms has a case of the proprioception, which essentially means he has no idea where is arms and legs are in relation to the rest of the body. Which of course leads me to ask, does that mean he can always give himself a "stranger"?

To make things interesting, Bruce Allen this afternoon dismissed the Times story as untrue. Despite what the Times said Simms was taking snaps at practice today, and appears to be #2 on the depth chart. Which means Tampa Bay still has the most homosexual quarterbacks in the league.

Of bigger concern is that Simms appears to still be suffering the effects of the surgery last seasons. What really killed the Bucs last season was their lack of quarterback depth, once Simms went down the team was fucked. I have been in favor of the Bucs bringing in as many quarterbacks as reasonably possible since all the quarterbacks previously on their roster were/are crap. But with Simms still recovering from injury then the Bucs are essentially in the same situation they were in last season, with one decent quarterback on the roster (Garcia) and a bunch of crap. The last thing I want to see anytime soon is Gradkowski or Rattay under center.

Where am I going with this? Maybe it IS a good idea to bring Daunte Culpepper on board. All he wants is a one year contract, perfect for the Bucs. Gruden would be in a bit of a bind, since he only has room for 3 quarterbacks. In fact signing Daunte would be a HUGE indicment of Simms health. Although money says the Bucs stay away from Daunte, who is still damaged goods as well.

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