The Falcons Should Just Stay Out of Virginia

While they are still not on the level of the Bengals, the Falcons are doing their very best to be the very worst. Atlanta cornerback Jimmy Williams, who was the team's first pick last year, has been cited on a misdemeanor marijuana charge in Virginia. Williams' timing on this could not have been better (or worse), considering that the league is still trying to figure out what to do with Vick.

To refresh your memory Williams was considered a first round talent but dropped to the second round because of the now dreaded "character issues." Much like Vick, Williams attended the Old Dominion State's farmer's college, Virginia Tech. Playing seven degrees of Kevin Bacon, the two other players to get in trouble this offseason (Pacman Jones and Chris Henry) also come from a Appalachia college, West Virginia. West Virginia plays in the Big East, which is the same conference Louisville is in. Which is where Petrino probably wishes he still coached.

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