Did Somebody Piss in Bruce Allen's Wheaties?

So right after releasing Simeon Rice for no good reason (see below) it looks like Bruce Allen plans on fining jake Plummer $14k a day for missing training camp. For those who have not been keeping track at home, upon being traded to the Bucs Plummer announced his retirement but never officially filed his retirement papers (damn lawyers and their technicalities) which means the Snake has essentially become one big, hairy piggy bank for the Bucs. All indications are that Plummer has no desire to play for the Bucs, which means until he files those retirement papers he's going to owe the Bucs some dinero (thats Spanish for moola).

Which leaves open speculation in the interim that Daunte Culpepper might join the Bucs, especially since they have about $7 million in cash lying around now that they don't have to pay Rice. I still don't see Culpepper in a Bucs uniform, he's also recovering from injury and signing him would make Allen a bit of a hypocrite. But in the interim its makes for some more of those hilarious "the Bucs have a DOZEN quarterbacks jokes" every NFL jock-rider commentator feels obliged to tell.


Gnorb said...

Saturation is the key. "As man thinks in his heart, so is he." If a guy wants to work in a certain business (or become good at something) then he must for at least a short while fill himself with thoughts of nothing but that which he desires for some time, to the point of saturation, when it finally begins to spill from him like water from a faucet instead of a cup.

Gruden's trying to do the same thing here, it seems. Everyone knows he blew it by letting Brad Johnson go after the 2002 Super Bowl (I'm still pissed about that, btw), and he since hasn't had a sold QB. Resolution? Overflow with QBs and talent is sure to come.

Dunno if that strategy will work -- most of these guys are either past their prime, complete rookies, or were average to begin with -- but hopefully something solid will come out of this.

What's strange to me, and I guess it shouldn't be, is how Gruden is turning this once solidly defensive team (which needed nothing more than an OK offense) into an offensive team (which will certainly need more than an OK defense).

Ski said...

true, gruden has neglected the defense for a number of years but that finally changed this offseason with the mutlitude of draft picks and free agents brought in to bulster the defense.

and what's scary is that despite the amount of draft picks invested in it the offense has not improved statistically all that much if at all. what's really hurt the offense is that gruden has still not identified a franchise quarterback.