Times Still Dogging Simms

The St Pete Times has not given up on their quest from yesterday to label Simms with proprioception (see post below), following up yesterday's training camp blog with an article today. To the Times credit they quote Bruce Allen's denial of their story but still, as the saying goes where there's smoke there's fire....

Dr. Koco Eaton, the team orthopedist for the Devil Rays, said Monday it's not unusal for patients to suffer irregular proprioception after abdominal or thoracic surgery.

"Those nerves are stretched during surgery," Eaton said. "Think of them as electrical wires that have a covering. Those nerves don't take a jolt like that very well. It can take a long time for those nerves to recover. For some people, it can take a couple years before they feel normal."

The Times Bucs training camp blog then reports this morning that Simms has thrown three passes to this point, and one of his deep passes looked weak. By comparison, Garcia and McCown both threw at least fifteen passes. Simms has been mum on the whole proprioception thing but has admitted he is injured and is still recovering from surgery last season.

The Tribune Bucs blog is reporting that they will know more about Simms condition at 11 am.

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Scott said...

Most of Simms's passes have looked bad from what I'm hearing. Did you see the Times article, "Flirtation needs to become affair"? They just can't get over the fact that Allen publicly refuted them.

"You want to believe general manager Bruce Allen is trustworthy because the alternative seems so distasteful.

You want to believe it all.

Unfortunately, that requires more faith than I possess."

Wow. Bruce Allen is perfectly within his rights to withhold information on, be vague about, or even understate a player's condition. It all shows up in camp and the reps. Simms is not doing well, everyone knows that. But to make a complete guess about a specific condition is arrogant at best. I don't blame Allen for being evasive.