You Should Have Picked Tails

Bucs lose coin flip, pick fourth.

This shouldn't really change the draft all that much since most mocks have the Browns picking Adrian Peterson. Which means Calvin Johnson is still on the Bucs radar, although don't expect Gruden to tip his hand. Although even with Bruce Allen trying to rig the flip the Bucs couldn't win.

Allen actually supplied the only necessary equipment, a special commemorative coin presented to him on behalf of the commander of MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa. A beautiful, multi-colored coin emblazoned with a motto that always inspires Allen – “Mission First. People Always. America Forever.” – it is almost always in his possession. MacDill representatives gave it to Allen before a game last season to recognize the outstanding relationship the team and the military have long enjoyed.


The Professor said...

Just spit-ballin' here, but maybe the Bucs actually "won" the coin-flip and the lucky coin actually helped.

Most of the so-called experts, believe that the Bucs are taking Calvin Johnson. No matter who the Bucs end up targeting that player will probably still be there at #4. The #4 pick will command a smaller salary/signing bonus than the #3 thanks to the NFLs slotting system. So in the long run losing this flip saves the Bucs cap space and they will get the player they wanted anyway.

Ski said...

could be, depends on if the browns trade out of the spot or not. chances are that a few other teams are interested in calvin johnson (minnesota at 7, green bay at 16) who may be willing to trade up.

Douglas Scott S. said...

you're leavin out my dirty birds. a lot of people have been saying the browns will most likely trade the pick to fill some of their holes. and the falcons are talking about trading up with the browns to get calvin.

browns will most likely trade the pick, but it'll be interesting to see who moves up to #3.

and in response to your previous post about the thrashers having the worst nickname. i think its a good nickname. mighty ducks? thats pretty sad. well i think they're just the 'ducks' now. the 'senators' and 'maple leafs' are also pretty weak.

and your boy troy smith is plummeting in the combine. sounds like he won't even be drafted in the 2nd round anymore. please, stop sounding stupid and admit he won't be a stud in the NFL.

Ski said...

calvin johnson on the falcons? and here i was thinking cj couldn't end up with a worse quarterback than reggie ball (although on the plus side cj wouldn't have much of a move).

if i had the choice between being attacked by a thrasher or a duck i would pick the thrasher every day. you just cant stop the flying V.

and the more troy smith slides down the draft board the lower the pick the bucs can spend on him.

Douglas Scott S. said...

well its atlanta, we're the Thrashers, the Hawks, and the Falcons... all basically the same thing. deal with it. and you dont seriously want troy smith as your QB. yall will be mediocre as long as hes around.

who cares, get calvin. keep him in atlanta. let vick screw around for another year. we get rid of vick. then calvin is another tool for SCHAUB. who WILL be a STUD if we ever frickin use him. seriously, pray with me. that vick picks up the hobby of skateboarding and breaks his leg in the offseason.

maybe i'll buy him a motorcycle? those are good at hurting NFL players. i'll brainstorm.

petrino doesnt want vick, he wants schaub. but he has to give vick a "chance". and of course vick wont do anything with it.

Scott said...

Ready to make the bet now that the combine is over?