Covering Super Bowl Coverage: What Super Bowl?

The two week buildup to the GREATEST SPORTING EVENT EVER is probably slightly uneccessary. In fact, I am absolutely sure it is uneccessary, seeing as how (gamblers take note) the starting defensive end for the Bears has been out drinking in Miami at least twice this week. But has the 2 week delay had a negative effect on the Super Bowl?

The Chicago Tribune actually ran a story today entitled, "Super Bowl hype: Had your fill yet?" Not surprisingly most of the comments on the story ranged from "of course not!" to "da Bears" to "I like Polish sausage." Not that I blame da Bears fans (kilbasa is delicious), 'cause there just hasn't been that much hype. GC at the Sports Frog ran with this story earlier in the week but the hype isn't what I've come to expect from el Bowl del Super.

And ticket buyers, or lack thereof, would tend to agree with me. For the low, low price of $1500 you can buy your self a ticket to the game. Ticket prices have dropped by as much as a grand, mostly because ticket brokers overspeculated on demand and now the hype hasn't lived up to the hype. Even Miami hotels have had to drop room prices so they are only charging twice their normal rates.

So don't come crying to me about how your life life sucks, these poor ticket brokers and hotel owners have had a pretty shitty week.

RANDOM SIDE NOTE: How great woudl it be to be a fly on the wall in Miami? I'm not talking about the Playboy parties, night clubs, or watching Michael Irvan snort coke off a hookers ying-yangs. I'm talking about watching the pasty mid-westerners interact with the denizons of Miami. If my buddy Plugs from Cincinnatti has taught me anything, the midwest does not mix well with South Florida (or Mons Venus).

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