repeat after me. i am. sofa king. retarded.

For those paying attention at home I was 0 for 4 on my Super Bowl predictions, and was wildly off on my prediction of a Bears Super Bowl win, and thus owe BucStats a solid dose of my own humiliation. Check it.

Just for the record Scott, I'm a rebel and I will damn well seperate points with a number, period, parenthesis, semicolon and question mark if I feel like it. Thats just the kind of education you receive from The Streets U.

As for the draft, it's on like Donkey Kong. I think the Bucks will take Al Hordford with their first pick, which would be a steal since I believe Big Al is the most talented player on the Gators. Noah gets all the love cause he's so damn quirky, but Horford is the backbone of the number one team in the country. (Seriously, I'll take Calvin for your double or nothing.)

Random side note on the Bolts, what the hell happened to this team? Was losing the Buhlin Wall that big of a loss to the team? They looked primed for a one of those 5 or 6 year dominating runs, then the strike hits, and the Bolts can't find a decent goalie. John?


Cutthroat Pirates said...

SKI to be fair to your pick, The Bears def. was hard to go against, specially since what we seen our beloved Bucs D do in 02. What we did not know was that Colts D was going to play that great, or that the Colts running backs would be able to run all over the bears. Plus add Grossman to that and it spelled doom for the Bears.

However, I picked Colts but not for any other reason then I could not go against Dungy.

Hey the Bucs jacked my season tickets up another $7.00 bro this is getting sad. After last season they should take off $7.00

Scott said...

Is that your pick regardless of the coin flip? Maybe you want to hold off until we know where the Bucs are slotted? Just sayin'.

Ski said...

cutthroat, any mention by the bucs on the length of the waiting list? if there are still people on that list the bucs can keep jacking up the price...

and bring your rational thinking and patience some where else scott (the tribune?). but you're right, i will hold off on making my OFFICIAL DRAFT PICK until after the combine. although allow me to add the caveat that you must make a pick as well for the bet to be on like donkey kong.

Cutthroat Pirates said...

They say well over 500,000. But I don't think they keep tabs on whos dropped out. So it could be inflated some, but not that much.

I called them and was going to put my name in again to get more seats in a differnet section, and she said it is well over ten years now. It took me 5 years to get my original seats