And your Super Bowl winner will be......

Before I get to my Super Bowl pick, I would like to mention that I correctly picked da Bears to make it to the Super Bowl before the season started. Suck it Nostradamus AND Miss Cleo. My prognosticating powers are only rivaled by the Sex Cannon's sexual prowess. (We'll just conveniently ignore that I also picked the Bengals to make the Super Bowl.)

Anyway, my pick for el Bowl del Super are the Chicago Bears. And here's why...

(Piss Poor Excuse for Game Analysis) Call me misguided but I have faith in the Sex Cannon. Grossman does have a history of sucking but the games he shat the bed have been unimportant. Take the Bears last season game against the Packers, in which Sexy Rexy went 2-12 for 33 yards passing and three interceptions. That game was meaningless to the Bears, they had already locked up homefield advantage throughout the playoffs.

On the flip side, Peyton Manning has a history of shitting the bed when there is any kind of pressure on him to succeed. This year's AFC Championship is the lone exception to Peyton's long history of choking. Peyton never beat the Gators or won a National Championship when he was at Tennessee. At Indy, Peyton pads his stats against piss poor teams, and then struggles against quality teams. Has everyone forgotten the crime against humanity that was the Colts-Ravens kickfest from just a few weeks ago? Adam Vinatieri is the only reason the Colts beat the Ravens, who are a much better team than the Pats.

My key to the game is a player who nobody has talked about all week, Cedric Benson. In the interest of full disclosure, Benson killed two of my fantasy teams when I made the mistake of actually believing he would be the starting runningback for the Bears. That aside the Tampa Two defense both teams deploy has always been susceptible to a power running game. The Tampa Two relies on speedy under-sized defenders who can be pushed off the line more easily. Of all the four featured runningbacks in today's game, Benson is the only true power back. Even before I saw there was a forecast for rain in Miami today I believed Benson would be the difference in the game.

(Lame Attempt at Comedy) As I did last year, I have a Super Bowl wager with the purveyor of Buc Stats AND Buc Shots. I have the Bears, Scott's taking the Colts. Loser has to supplicate themself before the winner. If my prognosticating skills hold true to form check back in a week to see my humiliation.

Anyway, have a good time at your assorted Super Bowl parties and remember to enjoy what truly matters tonight....the commercials.


He Said She Said said...

We love your site. Keep blogging.

Here's our Super Bowl prediction:
BEARS 28, Colts 17

-He Said, She Said

Scott said...

And.... scene.

Ski said...

damn. i suck.

and so does grossman.

Scott said...

What happened to the AOL gig?

Ski said...

downsizing, my job got shipped out to india...i think

Scott said...

I will assume you're taking this long on the bet because you're coming up with something really great.