An Open Letter to Gruden

Dear Jon,

You can't lose to a team with one victory through eight weeks. You're not supposed to lose to a team starting its third string quarterback. If you're bound for the playoffs, you're supposed to roll over teams like the 49ers. You don't roll over for the opponent.

Chris Simms played poorly enough to make me long for the days when Dilfer was behind center, but you can't blame Simms for this loss.

The defense once again couldn't stop a lousy offense when it counted.

You may not play a single snap, but it is your responsibility to make sure your players are prepared to. It is your job to make sure they do not over estimate your opponent. It is your responsibility to make your players believe they are playing the '72 Dolphins every week.

Right now, the Panthers can look to next weeks game, and think to themselves, "smells like dinner."

A Disappointed Fan

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John F. said...

I'm seeing a lot of fans lump this on Simms and I think that's the wrong thing. You say it pretty well with regards to preparing falling flat... I've said that I believe this Buc team is one of the most undisciplined (on and off the field) that I have seen in a while and I think the Niners loss is evident of tht.

They may snap back and put on a show this week against the Panthers (rivalry after all) but I have my doubts...