Griese's future with the team?

While no news has been officially released from One Buc Place yet, the rumors out there are that Brian Griese has at least a partial ACL tear, which would mean he would at least miss the next couple of games. Worst case scenario, he has a complete ACL tear which means he is done for the season.

Normally I don't report rumors but I was wathcing this game with my dad, who's a doctor. First thing he says when we see the replay of the hit on Griese is, "That looks like an ACL tear."

Still waiting for the official report from the Bucs and their doctors though in regards to Griese. While Simms looked good yesterday in relief, here's hoping the injury to Griese is not too serious.

EDIT: The AP is now reporting that it could be a couple of days before the team knows the extent of the injury to Griese. Griese was taken to St. Joeseph's Hospital last nite, and has more tests scheduled for today.

I'm just reading between the lines here but my guess is that the Bucs have already received one medical opinion and are now waiting for more medical opinions. When it comes to medical decisions such as this, doctors will have their colleagues double check the x-rays and other tests to make sure they did not miss anything.

Most likely, we are looking at Simms as the starter in another two weeks when the Bucs face off against the punchless 49ers. He will have a week and a half of practices (the Bucs will not have as many practices in a bye week as they do in a normal week) to get adjusted to playing with the starters. Simms real test will come in another three weeks against a tenacious Panthers defense.


Jim said...

Agreed. Brian looked composed and on-track until the "hit." Here's hopin' he's OK.

Scott said...

Griese looked better than he has in weeks, and Simms looked like he's learned a lot since the Arizona game last season. I'm not worried either way.

Anonymous said...

Brian has a torn ACL (a friend works in a location at St Joseph hospital in Tampa that was instrumental in analyzing and recording his MRI result.

Ski said...

thanks anonymous, I always welcome insider tips.

I can award you bestbucs points, but they are essentially worthless (much like pets.com stock)