The Hair vs The Old Man: Week 8

Like the matador tempting the bull, Kornheiser continues to play with Mel. So far, Mel has stayed ahead going 34-9 when just picking winners, but Tony has not given up. This week he gives Mel tougher games to pick between teams nobody in their right mind would want to watch.

Not only has Tony given Mel unappetizing games, Tony has taunted Mel behind his back and to his face. Tony mentioned earlier in the week that it's a very girly thing to do, to pick winners.

When Mel found out and confronted Tony about this Tony responded, "Get off the training wheels and pick the spread."

Anyway, on to the bull fight . . .

Washington (+2) at New York Giants: Respect game for the Redskins so Mel picks them to win.

Chicago (+3) at Detroit: This was the first game Mel complained about. He thought both teams were mediocre and wanted Tony to give him better games to pick. In the end, Mel went with Detroit since Chicago won the first match up between the two. Go figure.

Cleveland (+2) at Houston: Another crappy game, but since this could be Houston's last opportunity to win Mel picks the Texans.

Miami (+2.5) at New Orleans: Another ugly battle, Mel goes with the team with better coach, which would be the Dolphins with Nick Saban.

Philly (+3.5) at Denver: Broncos have three things going for them. They're coming off a close loss, they have a bye next week, and they're playing at home. Mel goes with the Broncos.

Jacksonville (Off) at St Louis: Jaguars look like a playoff team, while the Rams are not. Mel picks the Jaguars to win this game, but if they lose they will not make the playoffs. On a side note, there is no line for this game.

Oakland (-1.5) at Tennessee: Mel, the girly man that he is, was not happy about having to pick this game. Mel admits he has no idea who will win this game before picking the Raiders to defeat the Titans.

Kansas City (+6.5) at a Whale's Vagina (aka San Diego): The Chargers are Mel's Five Star Lock of the week.


Ben said...

So how much of your life do you waste thinking about a game?

Scott said...

You can't fool me. I know you used the word "matador" in your entry just to have an excuse to post the pic of the chick in the see-through top. I salute you on the decision.

Ben, dude, relax. I realize you have the whole angry young man routine going, and that's great and all. You know, "fight the power" and "down with whitey" and everything. But you're going to have a heart attack before you're 30 if you don't unwind. We spend so much time talking about a game because we need a break from listening to guys like you.

Ski said...

I figured its been awhile since I got a good picture in there.

And Ben, the answer is not nearly enough.

Dr. Fu Manchu said...

I for one, like hte picture and the posts. You can make a lot of money betting with the Hair. I understand you can't get them every week, but I would greatly appreciate it if you could get this weeks!

Anonymous said...

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