Playboy Preview

Before I get to Buccaneer's cheerleader Victoria Vodar's appearance in this month's Playboy I've got a complaint about buccaneers.com.

Who is the joker they put in charge of the opening movie clips? It's a good idea, in theory, and the overall layout of the site is pretty good, but the intro is cheesier than cheez-wiz. Why is Simeon Rice letting Buffalo Bills run past him? The intro should be either funny or motivational. The Bills intro fails miserably on both accounts.

Anyway, Buccaneers cheerleader Victoria Vodar appeared in the latest Playboy. Sadly, there was no nudity involved. Victoria confirmed that Bucs cheerleaders have to take a football quiz before they can be hired, although she did not mention how she did on the quiz. (It's my belief that these scores should be released to the general public for the same reason that college football polls are released, my own amusement.)

Football fan Victoria leaves us with this money quote:
And we just got new uniforms that are more revealing. Fortunately I haven't had any wardrobe malfunctions - yet.

(And yes, this entire post was an excuse to post a cheerleader picture)

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Scott said...

I'll see your Victoria and raise you a Barbara. Lordy.

Your Blogger account doesn't let me display the picture directly, so you'll have to click the link. Try to keep both hands on the keyboard.