Giants fans are a bunch of twisted retards

When Paul Tagliabue decided to move the Saints-Giants game to New York one of his arguments for doing so was that residents of New Orleans and New York would come together. The people of both cities have suffered through two of the worst disasters in recent American history. Undoubtedly New York would welcome the Saints and their fans with open arms and kind words.

As it turns out that is a bit too much to expect from Giants fans.

In a story reported by the New York Daily News Giants fans unmercifully taunted Saints fans at the Monday night game, to the point where one Saints fan was sent crying to the female restroom.

"Where's your swimmies? I hope you have your swimmies!" one ignoramus asked Diane Dias, 46, who splits her time between homes in New Orleans and New Milford, Conn.

"You deserve what you got," another said. "New Orleans people are stupid."

"After I reported an obnoxious fan for exposing himself to me, my friend and I were kicked out the stadium, apparently for having the nerve to complain," read a Nola.com posting.

"One guy even said he was glad our city was under water. ... I have had to sit here for FOUR YEARS and listen to all the New Yorkers complain and expect sympathy from the world [because] of 9/11 and this is what we get in return?"

And before somebody goes and argues that only a minority of Giants fans are responsible for this type of behavior I have to ask, where were the understanding Giants fans telling these idiots to shut up? Surely, at least a few people in the crowd would tell an obnoxious Giants fan to stop making an ass out himself and the city of New York.

I would hope that if this ever happened at Ray Jay then the offending fan would be kicked out of the game. This is yet another another example of Tagliabue's horrible decision to move the Saints game to New York, when it could have been played in just about any major city in America.

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John F. said...

I have a friend who is a New Yorker and Mets fans went through this post-9/11 when venturing to other cities. My buddy went on a road trip with the Mets (Chicago and Pittsburgh among other places) and the Chicago fans were really getting on him with stuff about the World Trade Center and such...

I can just say that there are creeps like this in every town - New York is no exception... Especially in that shithole in East Rutherford