Mea Culpa

Unlike Tricky Dick I am willing to admit when I have made a mistake. And unlike "Slick Willy" Bill Clinton I will admit when I have lied.

I wrote a week ago that I would post a conference preview each day ending with the NFC South on Thursday. Obviously, that did not happen.

I wrote a few days ago that I would post the NFC South preview of Friday. Obviously, that did not happen.

Even though only three people read this blog (one of those possibly being my own mother) I owe an explanation to my readers. In addition to not having access to the internet for a few days, I have started a new job which has kept me busy. All of this means that I have not had nearly the amount of time to do the research necessary to write the half-assed blogs you have come to expect. (After all, it takes time to read all the posts on the Pewter Report's message board)

That being said, I will post my NFC South preview before the Buc's game tomorrow. While that's not exactly going out on a limb, considering that gives me almost 20 hours to write four quick team previews, I would like to think my promises are the bond between myself and you, the readers . . . all three of you (hi Mom).

Anway, I apologize to those who have lost sleep because I misled you. Feel free to send me threatening e-mails.

I will forward them to President Clinton.

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