The Hair's Picks: Week 4

My apologies to those of you who were bummed out I did not post Mel Kiper Juniors picks last week (all one of you). For those you unfamiliar with this weekly ritual Mel Kiper Jr (hereto refered as The Hair) appears on the Tony Kornheiser radio show to make his football picks.

Now The Hair is a smart guy when it comes to football, in fact he has is 17-4 this season when picking winners. But the real reason Kornheiser brings The Hair on is to mock him to his face and behind his back. Of course, this is what Kornheiser does with most of his guests he is friends with (Michael Wilbon included).

Kornheiser pokes fun at The Hair by mocking his bad picks, which has become more difficult for Kornheiser to do since The Hair refused to pick against the point spread this season. As a result, Kornheiser has been asking leading questions to trick The Hair into picking against the spread. For example, Kornheiser will ask, "Do you think it could be very close?" After The Hair says that he thinks the Chiefs will win by three Kornheiser will respond, "If they win by three they would certainly cover in that."

This week's picks will be called the Desperate Teams edition. The Hair's other strategy for picking games is to go with the team that is desperate for a win. These are typically the teams who were expected to be better and need a win more than their opponent.

Seattle at Washington (-3) : The Hair picks the Redskins, mostly 'cause Kornheiser (broadcasting from DC) talked him into it.

San Francisco at Mexico City (aka Arizona, -3): The Hair picks the Cardinals because they are more desperate, and because the 49ers can't score points. But if the Cardinals lose this game they are the front runners for the Matt Leinert sweepstakes.

Philly at Kansas City (-2.5) : The Hair thinks the Chiefs will win in a close game at Arrowhead.

St Louis at New York Giants (-3) : This is the one game The Hair has the worst read on. He thinks the Giants could be a playoff team so he picks New York to win.

Dallas at Oakland (-3) : The Hair thinks Oakland is desperate for a win so he picks the Raiders to win.

Denver at Jacksonville (-4) : The Hair picks the Broncos to win this one.

Indianapolis (-6.5) at Tennessee: Colts said The Hair.

And he even threw in two college games for good measure . . .

Virginia Tech (-11) at West Virginia: The Hair picks Tech because they have good special teams and defense.

USC (-17) at Arizona State: Even though The Hair thinks USC will lose a game eventually, he doesn't know who will beat USC. So The Hair picks USC to beat the best team they will have faced so far.


Dr. Fu Manchu said...

Nice work, I was upset that you missed last week, but I suppose you probably have other things in your life that Mr. Tony and Kiper

Dr. Fu Manchu said...

Nice work, again. That's too bad about last week, but I suppose you have more to worry about than Mr. Tony and Mel

Ski said...

I tried to catch last week but I missed it 'cause of work. I'm going to try and catch as many segments of Tony and Mel as possible but I might miss the ocassional one.