The Super Bowl is Dead to Me this Year

At the risk of 2 weeks of man-love from sports writers such as Peter King I was prepared to root for the Packers in the Super Bowl. Just about anything was better than the prospect of a New York-Boston Super Bowl featuring Tom Brady and Eli Manning. Both groups of fans are among sports most unbearable and leave me rooting against otherwise compelling teams. Boston's teams were so much better when they were the lovable losers, like the protagonist in a John Hughes movie. Now, despite having some of pro-sports best teams, Boston fans still have a massive inferiority complex.

As for the Giants, if anyone deserved to inherit the Dan Marino Mantle from Peyton Manning (best quarterback to not win the Super Bowl) it is Eli. Eli could have been the quarterback for San Diego yesterday, an incredibly talented team of players that if not for a gimpy quarterback and having their best player injured would have beat New England. The Chargers are going down as one of those great what if? teams. Considering how poorly Phillip Rivers plays what would have happened if the Chargers has drafted Eli instead? Or what would have happened if the Chargers had kept Drew Brees and drafted Larry Fitzgerald (who was drafted 3rd overall) with the #1 overall pick. If not for a few foolish mistakes by the Chargers management we could be talking about San Diego as the greatest team ever. Yet, I digress.

I never thought I would see the day where I would consider skipping the Super Bowl, but yet here we are. We saw this matchup 3 weeks ago, so we already have a rough idea of how the game will play out. And the best part about the Super Bowl, the commercials, will be replayed roughly 50 million times over the year.


In some good news Monte Kiffin has apparently resigned w/ the Bucs for roughly $2 M. This after Rick Stroud of the St Pete Times "reported" both sides were no where close to a deal after the Bucs supposedly tried to low ball Kiffin. I will refrain from commenting further as BucStats has already done so, except to say all these rumors of Monte leaving town were just that...rumors.

Speaking of rumors the Bucs are being considered as one of four teams to potentially play a regular season game in London next year. I've not been a big fan of the NFL going overseas mostly because I don't believe there is the same potential market for the sport globally as there has been for basketball and baseball. If the NFL makes the mistake of tabbing the Bucs to play in London I will go into this in more detail but the NFL is not a sport you simply export especially when you are competing against futbol.


T.K. said...
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T.K. said...

Considering how poorly Philip Rivers plays what would have happened if the Chargers has drafted Eli instead?

Um, the Chargers did draft Eli. They traded him to the Giants for Rivers and a ransom of draft picks when Eli made it be known that he wouldn't play for the Chargers and would sit out a whole season to avoid doing so. Of course, San Diego's gone on to four winning seasons and three playoff appearances since the trade. Then again, Eli hasn't done too badly for himself in New York either.

As for the Super Bowl itself, I desperately want the Patriots to complete their historic run. A Giants win would subject me to a year of unbearable verbal torture by my dad, who desperately needs to be shut up in the worst way. The Giants were the one team I didn't want to come out of the NFC - I had no issues with any of the others. The only thing that would have made the Super Bowl worse is if the Colts had made it back as well.


I fail to see how the Bucs going over to London for a game next year is a bad thing. The game will sell out just on the novelty, and the Bucs are a natural fit especially for that part of the world because of the Glazers' ownership of Man-U; imagine if the NFL could get the game to be played at Old Trafford. Frankly, I was surprised the Bucs weren't in the conversation for the London game last year. As for the opponent, among the three names tossed out there, I would expect it to be the Chiefs.

Ski said...

i wasn't clear but one of the reasons i can't root for eli is the way he maneuvered the draft day trade to the giants. the chargers would be in the super bowl right now and the favorite to win if they had eli.

it some what deflates my argument that new york is in the super bowl. but i'm assuming i will be vindicated in 2 weeks when the pats destroy the giants. although to be clear, i'm somehow rooting against both teams.

removing the obvious reason i'm rooting against a london game (it would possibly take away a home game) i don't think the bucs would receiver a very warm response. most Man U fans were irate when the Glazers bought the team. i used to have a great clip of Man U chanting "Death to Glazer" but alas it has been removed from the internet.

parochial concerns aside, i don't buy the greater reason to support the london game, i.e. building international support for the NFL. i will go into this in greater detail in the future but for now i don't think there is the potential to build the game overseas.

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