Gameday: Giants @ Bucs

A Sticks preview chock full of more goodies than usual can be found here.

As far as predictions go I've been seeing a lot of love for the Giants but most writers are predicting a win for the Bucs (and the last one is sure to get a rise out of all the Dr. Z haters in the house)...

Bill Simmons - BUCS
Peter King - BUCS
Ron Jaworski - BUCS
Clark Judge - BUCS
Paul Zimmerman - GIANTS

While I don't agree with Dr. Z's prediction I do agree with his assessment. The Giants d-line is just plain nasty and the Bucs o-line has a long way to be considered one of the best in the league. Jeff Garcia will get hit today and the Giants will be a tough out for the Bucs.

One last thing before I head over to my buddy's place (who is a Giants fan) to watch the game, for all the talk about the Bucs resting their starters they for the most part played all their defensive starters over the last two weeks. Sure, in the third and fourth quarter they did pull a lot of the defensive starters but the Bucs defense will be ready to play today.


To quote Rays Index that game stunk like a baby diaper full of Indian food. With the exception of the first quarter the Bucs were outplayed by the Giants and Tampa Bay had no right to even play in that game. Most people are going to break down everything that the Bucs should have done but here's the secret to what went wrong for the Bucs............................................THEY DIDN'T SCORE ENOUGH POINTS.

This Bucs offense is pathetic and Trueblood was dominated by Strahan all day, as a result Garica couldn't throw it deep without throwing an interception. The Bucs need a lot of help to truly be Super Bowl contenders but I have little to no faith in Gruden and company to make the changes that need to be made.

Look for my offseason wish list to be published tomorrow.


JPFDeuce said...

The Bucs need a lot of help to truly be Super Bowl contenders but I have little to no faith in Gruden and company to make the changes that need to be made."

Ski?!? You actually wrote this?!?! I'm so PROUD of you!

Everyone seems so surprised that the Bucs lost to the Giants and yet, I am trying to understand the surprise. The Bucs played in the weakest NFC South yet and that handed them five wins. FIVE. 4-6 against the rest of the NFL and it's surprising that they got kicked around by the G'nts?

Joel Glazer said that the Buccaneer franchise isn't one that will be of Mediocrity... Yet that's what the Bucs have been with Gruden (injuries be damned).

The direction of the club has been listless since after the Super Bowl season. Giving Gruden carte blanche with the on-field product has hurt the team instead of improved it.

And if Gruden stays around, I expect another re-vamping of the OL with all coaches on offense retained. That's not striving to be a better team, that's shuffling a bad hand and expecting the cards to change.

Ski said...

john, i'm throwing all logic to the wind and continue to support gruden. he's certainly not perfect but he is a winner. after all how long did it take bill cowher to finally win the super bowl?

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