The NFL Network laughs at Mel Kiper Jr and Chris Berman

For those who have debated whether to watch the draft on ESPN or the NFL Network (assuming you get NFL Network) your decision has been made for you....the NFL Network will feature the FishCam, a camera mounted on Joe Thomas' boat. Thomas, as you will remember, will decline to attend the draft in favor of spending a day at the lake. Because, as ESPN's Bass Fishing has proven nothing kills in the ratings more than fat guys catching fish.

Gosselin's second mock is out....

1. Oakland Calvin Johnson WR Georgia Tech
COMMENT: Say goodbye to Randy Moss
2. Detroit Gaines Adams DE Clemson
COMMENT: Best pass-rusher in the draft
3. Cleveland JaMarcus Russell QB LSU
COMMENT: Browns like his 85-yard arm
4. Tampa Bay Adrian Peterson HB Oklahoma
COMMENT: Bucs need more big plays on offense
5. Arizona Joe Thomas OT Wisconsin
COMMENT: LT Leonard Davis left in free agency

I find the Peterson selection especially peculiar since the Bucs seem to have a number of backs on their roster, including a first round pick from just two years ago, Cadillac Williams. Why do I continue to focus on Gosselin? Because he has a repuation as the most accurate draft predictor.

(HT to AA)

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