Welcome Kato (erghhh....Cato)

The Bucs have signed Kato.

No, not that Kato.

Not that one either.

There we go.

The popular consensus is that this is a good move as it upgrades an average linebacker corp and creates competition for the weakest backer position, strongside, between Cato and Ryan Nece.

Anyone else notice that the Bucs big defensive free agent signings have all been tweeners, i.e. guys who can play two positions? Kevin Carter is between a tackle and end, Chuckwara is between an end and a outside linebacker and Cato could play either outside backer or strong safety. The Tampa Two defense has been good to tweeners who would struggle in a more traditional defense, so it will be fun to see how Kiffin utilizes his newest weapons. The Bucs defensive cupboard has gone from being very barren to well stocked, and should look even better after the draft (Marcus Thomas anyone?).

Oh, and Tampa Tribune, June Arrives Early for Bucs? Nice.


Gnorb said...

Nice "Kato" (Bruce Lee) reference.

I'm pretty excited about the moves the Bucs have been making this year. A lot of fairly big names have been making their way down to Tampa and QB "controversy" aside, I'm looking forward to a damn good 2007 season.

That said, a question for the Best Bucs Blog: Thoughts on the possible acquisition of Charles Grant (at the cost of 2 first round picks, at least one of which is VERY high)?

Ski said...

gnorb, i am going to defer to scott at buc shots on the charles grant acquisition (a cop out, i know)....

Bruce Allen could also be throwing up a smokescreen with regard to the draft, trying to make other teams think they are desperate for a defensive end and willing to pass on Calvin Johnson in favor of Gaines Adams. If other teams bought into this, they’d be less likely to try and trade up with Cleveland or Detroit to take Johnson.

so naw, i'm not buying into the charles grant talk. with the chuckwara and kevin carter signings it doesn't make sense to add another defensive end to the mix especially when what the bucs really need is an undertackle to replace booger. plus i hate trading multiple draft picks for one player, that almost never works out.