Gameday: Bucs @ Colts

My Sticks preview is here.

If Addai is really out then I like the Bucs to upset the Colts. Both teams have been bitten by the injury bug but the Colts have been hit harder, especially on defense. With Bob Sanders (and to a lesser extent Rob Morris) out the Colts will have a difficult time stopping the run. Hopefully Gruden will not repeat his mistake from New York last season when he forced the pass when it was to his advantage to run the ball. I like Graham up the middle and then Garcia working off the playaction to Galloway deep.

I'm in Arizona today so my access to the internet (and possibly the game) will be limited. Might have to wait until late tomorrow for a recap.


T.K. said...

What an aggravating game to watch... and the Pittman injury is the least of it. The Colts just dinked & dunked the defense to hell, and the key stat of them to complete 75% of their third-down plays shows it. 12 of 16, and the four they didn't make were followed by field goal, punt, fourth-down conversion, and field goal. We played it totally clean but even that's not enough against these guys. Aiyiyiyiyi...

Hopefully Vince Young & Co. will be just a bit more cooperative next week, but that running game has me real concerned now. I still don't think Earnest is the answer, and Gruden & Allen would be well off to find someone else, and fast!

Gnorb said...

Agreed. Earnest can carry the ball, but he certainly didn't seem like starter material this past week. We need another guy, fast.

Of course, I've been more excited about that other Tampa football team -- you know, the only undefeated college football team in Florida -- than about the Bucs, so maybe my expectations are a bit higher than normal.

Anonymous said...

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