What Is A Washed Up Has Been?

Call it the Curse of Steve Young. Or maybe the Curse of Dilfer. The Bucs appear to be doomed to be stuck with ineffective quarterbacks for as long as the franchise exists.

Jeff Garcia has been named the starter, and I am supposed to feel what......excitement? Garcia has played for five teams in five years and is the definition of impotent. If Garcia was any more ineffectual he would have been in the last episode of the Sopranos (which should have ended in a blood bath).

Make no mistake, Garcia will excel in the Bucs offense. But not because Garcia is a great quarterback, but instead because Gruden is a great quarterback COACH. Gruden has the ability to turn water into wine, journeymen into MVPs. The Bucs will at least improve their record to 8-8 this season. Bet on it.....I will.

But what happens after next season? How long can the Bucs go with a 37 year old quarterback at the helm? The answer is as simple as it obvious, not long. Garcia can man the helm for at the most one, maybe two more years. But then what? Chris Simms can't win a game to save his spleen, and Gradkowski......is Gradskowski. Garcia is nothing more than spare tire, a temporary fix until the Bucs can find a more permanent solution.