Root Root Root for the Away Team

I did something the last two Sundays that I have never done before. It has been a couple of days now and I think I am finally ready to talk about it.

I rooted against The Bucs.

I know. I never thought it would happen either. But look at what happened when we beat the Cleveland Browns - The Bucs will be drafting either 3rd or 4th in the 2007 draft (depending on a freaking coin flip of all things) when if they had simply lost one more game we could be looking at Brady Quinn instead of Chris Leak.

Don't flip out on me Gator fans. You know you wanted Brady Quinn too.

Look, I am not proud of what I have done, but I had to root for a high draft pick. I let myself get optimistic about Chris Simms, then Brian Griese, then Simms again, the Bruce Gradkowski but I will not let myself get all worked up over Tim Rattay. You can't make me.

Here's hoping we lose the coin flip.

And that the Lions are happy with Kitna (snort).

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Ski said...

never figured you for a golden domer sarah.

although for the record I think jamarcus russell would be a better quarterback for the bucs than brady quinn. jamarcus, besides having the coolest name, could be the best quarterback in this year's draft. conveniently enough both quarterbacks face each other tonight.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

You have a great point about the coolest name.

I hadn't taken that into consideration.

Too bad the jerseys don't have first names on them.

Ski said...

Tale of the (Live Action) Tape:

- as long as I'm watching the tasty Sugar Bowl I figured I would break down JaMarcus vs Quinn. figured making this it's own post but I've decided to hold off on posting until after I get done picking those peaches....with the Presidents.

1st Quarter:

- JaMarcus, lofted the ball but clearly has the stronger arm. a bit too quick to run with out progressing through his reads.

- Brady Quinn, late on his first deep throw but made up for it with a nice rope to the sidelines.

Winner: Slight edge to JaMarcus
....but mainly because his team is up. JaMarcus is positively Godzilla-esque, I'm surprised db's don't simple flee like Japanese citizens when JaMarcus takes off. although I'm mostly grading these guys on their ability to progress through their reads which both have done poorly (Quinn) or not at all (JaMarcus)

Ski said...

2nd Quarter:

-JaMarcus, refusing to believe he can be tackled turns the ball over, really nice deep ball

- Brady Quinn, has done a good job of managing the game, hasn't made any spectacular plays but keeps making the short passes, threw a bad pass off his back foot for an interception, late on what should have been a touchdown to Schmardixzhjtha but made up for it with am easy touchdown pass the next play

Winner: slight edge to JaMarcus
.....both qb's looked over-whelmingly mediocre, Quinn benefitted from a productive ground game and a great move in the end zone by Scmardkjfdsuytwqa. JaMarcus wins this round based on the one long pass that looked so easy a caveman could do it

Ski said...

3rd Quarter:

- JaMarcus, still relying too much on his legs, did move to his second read when first read was covered, Tigers seem to run 5 wide to spread the field so JaMarcus can run, another nice deep ball

- Brady Quinn, barely had the ball this quarter, damn this game is going long

Winner: JaMarcus by default
.....JaMarcus did a better job of going to his second read this quarter, this game is dreadfully boring, I might just spend the 4th quarter trying to figure out who that USC cheerleader is

Ski said...

4th Quarter:

Good news, the USC Cheerleader mystery has been solved.

-JaMarcus, finally throws an out route 10 yards down the sidelines and a nice throw at that, bad throw deep into double coverage for an interception

-Brady Quinn, interception not his fault

Winner: JaMarcus
.....I'm calling this one early seeing as how the game is officialy a blow out

Ski said...

Final: JaMarcus

if this had been a boxing match it would have been a knockout in JaMarcus' favor. JaMarcus wins mostly because he is what happens when you cross pollinate Favre's deep ball with Godzilla's girth. Although both quarterbacks have a lot to improve on to be successful NFL quarterbacks.

per the Bucs, they won't have a shot at Brady Quinn so he's out of the picture.

and I don't think they should draft JaMarcus if he's available. JaMarcus just reminds me too much of a Daunte Culpepper on steroids, and look how much success (or lack thereof) Daunte has when he transitioned from the deep ball offense at Minnesota to a west coast offense in Miami. Although I could see Oakland falling in love with JaMarcus which could make Calvin Johnson available.

Chad said...

BQ Is a 1'st round bust waiting to happen