I want the Bucs to draft this guy?

What have I been smoking? And why does it taste like black twizzlers mixed with lemon juice?

Troy Smith would look good in a Bucs uniform. That's right, Troy Smith.


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

I think ANY quarterback that goes in the top five would look good in a Bucs uniform.

Ski said...

except i think the bucs could get troy smith in the late second round, which would make him a great bargain

Cutthroat Pirates said...

Sorry Ski I had to copy your post it was too good, but I put my own twist on it.

Chad said...

What Bout Ted Gin Jr

Ski said...

hells no to ginn. the last thing the bucs need is another receiver.....unless calvin johnson is available.

c.j. is like typhoid mary....his skills are sick.

Douglas Scott S. said...

yeah, you've definitely been smoking something if you want troy smith to be your QB.

TRUST ME, you dont want a short black QB.

I'm an SEC guy, i go to UGA. I know what SEC football is all about. Troy Smith didnt play anyone all year. OSU played texas, which at the time was a big game. but texas ended up being an average team. OSU played michigan, which at the time was a big game. but michigan had a horrible schedule too, and USC showed the country how good michigan really was.

i knew florida would do the same to OSU. if troy smith cant handle the speed of an SEC defense, he won't be able to handle the speed of the NFL.

please, just trade for vick. take him off our hands.

Ski said...

dougie, why you gotta bring race into the picture? anyway troy smith is nothing like ron mexico.

in defense of troy smith, he played against a few very good defenses this season in florida, texas and ohio state. he laid an egg against the gators but he put 24 points against the longhorns and 42 points against the wolverines.

if texas's quarterback hadn't gotten injured they would have been playing for the national championship. and michigan had the top ranked defense in the nation before they played ohio state (although UM secondary has proven to be fairly pourous)

as for you man-crush vick (still no word on if you're going to change the name of your blog) the bucs would sooner trade for his water bottle than the man himself

Douglas Scott S. said...

think what you want. but you can hold me to this.. troy smith wont amount to anything special in the NFL. he's shorter than vick, less athletic than vick, and has a worse arm than vick. so how can you expect him to be any better?

and good job vick, at miami. what a good leader.. i'm sure tom brady gets busted with weed all the time.

and why are you talking about a QB anyways. you guys just signed chris simms for "starters money".

so i dont think the bucs will be wasting a top pick on a mediocre QB.

Ski said...

did you watch ohio state play football at all this year? sure, you probably caught snippets of the championship game during commercials for extreme home renovation, but did you watch any other ohio state games?

a lot of quarterbacks are less athletic, less mobile, and don't have as strong of arms as vick and they have had pretty good careers. troy smith is a perfect fit for the west coast offense, somthing which i can't say about simms.

Douglas Scott S. said...

i'm kinda baffled, honestly. i can't believe you genuinely want troy smith. that's fine with me. but you still seem unable to comprehend that the bucs probably aren't looking for a new starter since they signed simms to "starters money". if they didnt give him a big contract, then sure.. they might be looking for a new starter. but they did sign him to a big contract so it wouldnt make sense to give another QB a big contract.

Ski said...

Simms, 2 year contract, base of $5M with a bonus of $3M.

Drew Brees, 6 year contract, base of ~$10M, $8M bonus

Aaron Brooks, 2 year contract, base of $4M

Vick, 10 year contract, base salary of roughly $8M a year (although the contract is backloaded), $37M in bonus

the Bucs are NOT paying Simms starters money, they are paying him stop gap money. Simms contract is more on par with what the Raiders paid Brooks than the commitment the Saints and Falcons made to Brees and Ron Mexico respectively. and keep in mind that the Simms contract was signed AFTER the new NFL labor deal which freed up more money for teams to spend.

the last thing the Bucs did is give Simms a big contract

Ski said...

just to throw more fuel on the troy smith fire, gruden and company are coaching troy smith and the north squad in the senior bowl.

Douglas Scott S. said...

i didnt know how much simms was just getting paid. all i heard was simms say he was going to be getting "starters money".

but whatever, enjoy troy smith. i hope yall get him. SEC is the fastest conference in college football, and if he can't handle the gators defense then he's going to get manhandled in the NFL. he's too small.

i seriously hope you guys take him. it'll be fun to watch.

he's too small.

John F. said...

If the Bucs go QB in the first round, kiss competativeness goodbye for five years.

As it stands right now, the Bucs are rebuilding. They need more than a high profile QB...

As it stands right now, the smartest thing they could do is trade down. The dumbest thing they could do is go for another WR as a pick... That's probably what they will do, just cuz Gruden doesn't see a problem (with his coaches, or with his roster, or with his own choices). Another weapon is another weapon, even if the rest of the team is fading.

Anonymous said...

So much for the south getting their shit kicked 27-0. Chris leak isssss sooooo good isnt he? Funny how everyone hates on him for 4 years then he plays a good game one time and everyone thinks hes a god. now look at him. he did absolutely nothing in the senior bowl. congrats to floridas 2nd national title - you can thank osu for the first one and you can thank em again for not playing for 2months in the 2nd. gg SEC and your so called "tough" schedule. The teams Florida struggled against all season are really that great... like UT, Ark, USC... and two of those teams lost to bigten teams rofl. anyways im out of this - GO BOISE - THE REAL NATIONAL CHAMPS

Scott said...

The Bucs don't need yet another rookie QB. There's a lot of question as to whether Smith's skills will transfer to the NFL and, frankly, the Bucs need more help elsewhere. Maybe he can get caught with an 8-ball and a hooker sometime in March and his stock will fall to the sixth round. I wouldn't be opposed to taking him then. But QB is pretty far down the needs list at this point.

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