Not A Good Time To Be A Falcons Fan

First, Vick goes to Federal-Pound-You-In-The-Ass Prison.

Then, your team loses on national television (even though nobody watched the game).

And now your coach is leaving for the Arkansas job.

I'm taking the ESPN report with a grain of salt, they have a history of getting these things wrong (just look at supposed Miles to Michigan rumors before the SEC Champ Game). If this is true, how much egg does Arthur Blank have on his face after telling the MNF Crew that he had Petrino's back through thick and thin?

A Few Updates:

- Upon further reflection, what does this say about the Falcons job that Petrino finds a job where the previous coach had to deal with fans who sued to make his cell phone calls public, spread rumors about his infidelity, and generally chased out of town a coach who averaged 8 wins a season and just last season was in the SEC Champ Game? Are the Falcons really in that bad of a position to make dealing with the Arkansas faithful the more appealing alternative?

- I should have mentioned this before but Roddy White has to be the front runner for next year's Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year right? I mean if making a weak show of support for a former teammate who has admitted his own wrong doing doesn't qualify as a heroic act what does? The guys at KSK have an excellent take on Roddy's heroism.
(Also, file this under "shit to random to believe" but the Falcons Director of Marketing is also named Roddy White)


T.K. said...

You'd think that this bit of news would stick the final dagger in the NFC South curse - unless, of course, Carolina figures out a way to suck even worse than Atlanta in the last few weeks and beat them out for last place. Not only is Atlanta a team devoid of talent and a will to win, its very spirit has been shattered. It may not be an actual crime according to the laws on record, but it's a serious transgression that Vick needs to be held accountable for long after he gets out of prison.

Whoever is hired to pick up the pieces needs to be the anti-Petrino - a guy that will engage (but not coddle) the players and give them the ability to not only love the game again, but reconnect the team and the city in the process. Let's see what kind of short list they coddle together.

Ski said...

How bleak must things look if you're Rich McKay right now? He has to help find a new coach, a new quarterback and otherwise turn around one of the worst teams in the NFL. Although to be fair, McKay's problems are his own doings...he never should have traded away Matt Schaub in the first place.

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