NFC South Recap

TAMPA BAY: 3-1 (DIV) 2-0
CAROLINA: 2-2 (DIV) 1-1
NAWLEANS: 0-3 (DIV) 0-1
ATLANTA: 1-3 (DIV) 0-1

One last word on the Caddy Tragedy (seeing as how I've nearly exhausted the subject); as interchangable as backs are I have serious doubts about the Michael Pittman/Earnest Graham combo. Pittman has had multiple opportunities to establish himself as the primary runner and except for the Super Bowl game has never had a memorable performance. Pittman really excels when you don't ask much of him, i.e. when he was getting spot duty as the third down back and spelling Caddy. I imagine Pittman will see an increased workload but will continue to be the secondary back. Earnest Graham is somewhat of a question mark for me seeing as how until this season the only time he received any carries was in the exhibtion season. Graham looked good two weeks ago but failed to punch the ball in from the goal line when given four attempts on Sunday.

It appears the biggest change from the Mora Regime to the Petrino Regime is that Atlanta has gone from a rushing team to a passing team. Petrino has managed to make Joey Harrington into a servicable quarterback and those Atlanta receivers who were supposedly holding Vick back all of the sudden look good. Speaking of Vick, the whole dog-fighting charges may have been a blessing in disguise for Petrino. It gave him a valid excuse to get rid of their formerly most popular player without either paying Vick any money or incurring the wrath of the fans. Not just that but Petrino is basically given a one year pass no matter how badly the team sucks seeing as how they lost their "star player."

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