Gameday: Bucs @ Panthers

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A Bucs win is desperately needed today, if for no other reason to protect my sanity. A Gators loss coupled with a Bucs loss is that rare occurence which sucks any pleasure from my weekend.

The first round of games is suckastic, NFL Sunday Ticket has no reedeming quality to me right now. By the way, Joey Harrington has 89 yards and a touchdown through one quarter. All that talk about the Falcon's receivers putrid play might have had more to do with Vick than anything else.

Inactive: G Dan Buenning, T Anthony Davis, CB Brian Kelly, QB Luke McCown, DT Ryan Sims, LB Jeremiah Trotter
Inactive: QB Jake Delhomme, DE Charles Johnson, G Evan Mathis, LB Dan Morgan, LD Adam Seward

Ouch, Brian Kelly is a last minute scratch. Kelly is very good player but you never know if he'll be healthy enough to play. Phillip Buchanon has stepped in nicely for Kelly but the Bucs should storngly consider picking up a corner next offseason.

Great move by the Bucs, as the entire team goes across the field to pay respect to a Cadillac Williams who is likely done for the season with what looks like an ACL tear. I hope I'm wrong but Earnest Graham will have to step up.

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+ defense, this was the third strait game the Bucs shutout their opponent though halftime
+ Ike Hilliard, coming out of no where with 114 yards, experience has won over youth in the receiving corp
+ Phillip Buchanon, who helped shut down Steve Smith today
+ the Bucs didn't have a penalty until the 4th quarter when they purposely took a delay of game to punt
+ firm #1 in the division, no question Bucs are team to beat in NFC South

- Cadillac, who is at the very least out for awhile
- Luke Petitgout, see above
- Gaines Adams, sure he's a rookie but teams are running plays to his side


T.K. said...

I've got my fingers crossed that Petitgout's injury is minor and that he'll be back in the groove real quick. (The O-line, *the* reason for our success this year, doesn't need anything messing with its chemistry.) Cadillac's injury, though, looked real bad and I'd be shocked if it's not a season ender, which is a major bummer, 'cause I have my doubts about Graham being the guy to get the tough yards at the end of the field (and that was before Carolina stuffed him later in the game).

What would be your assessment as to what Gruden and the boys need to do this week to make a victory in Indy next week possible? All I know is that it's a tough task, but if we can pull it off people will really start to pay attention to us.

T.K. said...

Well, shit.

Cadillac, Petitgout Out For Season

Ski said...

yep, thats about the worst news on both fronts you could expect. losing petitgout may end up hurting this team the most, especially if anthony davis is still unable to play. donald penn (the 3rd LT) would be lined up against one of the best pass rushers in the NFL next week in dwight freeney.

the Bucs will need a lot of luck to beat Indy. the Bucs defense has been the real strength of the team but they will need to discover some kind of a pass rush (hello Gaines Adams) to keep the game close.