Exhibition Game 3: Recap

No question about it, Cato June made the play of the game stripping the ball from a Phins receiver and running it in for a touchdown. June's play was positively Derrick Brooks-esque. If June keeps playing at this level he will be THE steal of the NFL offseason.

I still don't see think Jeff Garcia is 100% comfortable with the offense, which is to be expected. While the interception wasn't completely his fault it was still a poor pass and Garcia has enough experience to know NOT to throw that pass. While the offense has plenty of potential it will take them a few more weeks to gel.

Speaking Brooks before he looks like he still has it. During a goal line stand Brooks did a nice job of getting into the backfield to hit Ronnie Brown. This defense badly needed playmakers, guys like Brooks who can make those special game changing plays, and the additions of June and Gaines Adams should get the Bucs closer to the level the defense was on just a few years ago.

For an exhibition game there were a good number of trick plays run. The Phins scored on a statue of liberty play, the Bucs ran a double reverse with David Boston, and the Bucs even faked a field goal and had Matt Bryant pooch punt the ball. My guess is the trick plays were more for the player's amusement than any greater analysis purpose.

Finally, we have a Michael Clayton signing. Clayton had two catches for 24 yards and played with some fire, fightin for yards after the catch. With Maurice Stovall's disappearing act Clayton looks like he locked up the second receiver battle.

The Bucs startinig defense struggled against Ronnie Brown but that is hardly new. The Bucs undersized defense has historically struggled against power running attacks. The Tampa Two defense is designed to stop the west coast passing offense and has limited success against running teams.

I'm starting to sound like a broken record but Garcia to Joey Galloway is going to be money this season. In a very similar play from last week's game Garcia's ability to scramble gave Galloway extra time to get open in the end zone. Last week it was Boston who made the catch but Galloway's speed and awareness will get him open consistently.

Finally, Chris Simms did not play. Simms has still not played a single play this exhibition season. My mistake, Simms did attempt one pass but it was incomplete.


Gnorb said...

Ski, I've been loving your coverage all season, but c'mon -- No mention of Gradkowski?! The guy was pukestacular (in the good way).

Ski said...

gradkowski is becoming the quarterback version of earnest graham, great in the exhibition season but shrinks come the regular season.

Anonymous said...

dang your stuff readdy before you gotelling everyone that chris isms didnt play ilove matthew alfonso