Tactical to impractical

Every single season, you see the Buccaneers wearing white at home during hot days in Tampa where the sun is shining. It's a tactic used to help hit the opposition where it hurts -- overheating them by making them where their dark uniforms.

I know it's New Years Eve, I know it's the last game of the season, but who is the genius who decided to have the Bucs wearing their red uniforms today while it's baking in Tampa (82 degrees from WFLA's weather site, 81 degrees from the Weather Channel)?

With how this team has performed all season, extra taxation from the weather (playing in dark clothes in the heat) is the last thing you want them to be doing... well, unless you are trying to secure a higher draft pick by losing your 12th game of the season, maybe...?


Ski said...

only in florida do you have to worry about wearing dark jerseys in the winter. while it hurt the Bucs, i appreciated the weather. was in town for new years, and i definitely enjoy walking around in sandals and short sleeves as opposed to being bundled up in a sweater and jacket like i was last new years eve up in DC.

but i digress, i guess it's hockey season now in tampa bay

John F. said...

...just not weather wise, Ski.

Just never weather wise :(

Scott said...

I wouldn't read too much into it. They like to wear the darks at home as much as possible and try to start doing it in mid-November. It could have just as easily been in the 60s on Sunday.